For the past 75 years, Böhringer equipment has been synonymous with engineering excellence and operational superiority with their aggregate crushing equipment and batch plants– surviving in the world’s harshest environments and handling the toughest applications.

There will be a healthy underlying demand for Böhringer equipment in the years ahead based on key global trends such as population growth and a growing middle class, fueling infrastructure development, demolition recycling, and the mining business. Throughout the decades the sector has become very competitive, we must ensure we deliver safer aggregate crushing equipment to operate products without sacrificing the best customer value-based proposition from our catalogue of premium reliable, “proven the world over” crushing and screening system solutions.

“Like most companies, we have had to go through a period of cost pressure coming out of Covid and high inflation. We are continually innovating, finding ways to reduce costs without sacrificing the production and performance of our product while maintaining the highest safety standards. At Böhringer, we place the highest value on safety regarding our equipment’s ownership, transportation, operation, and maintenance. Our team of expert engineers strives to ensure that all safety regulations are followed to the letter, including meeting all necessary weight and size requirements, yet robust enough to get the job done, complying with all transportation laws and OSHA and MSHA. Safety standards.

Böhringer, in Collaboration with Cat OEM solutions, will introduce a new series of tracked crushers never seen before, a first in the world “carrying 100% Cat OEM component content”, complete Cat Undercarriage, C13D engine, hydraulics, direct drive train and body components in 2024. Alignment with Cat OEM and Cat’s asset finance programs, internal parts system, and SIS 2.0; provide Böhringer with unparalleled finance options, parts and service support globally for you, the customer, ensuring maximum uptime and a higher ROI for the operator. Böhringer understands the importance of delivering quality, proven equipment and systems that have evolved with global trends for over 75 years. Our Dealer Network ensures owners and operators are supported by factory-trained field application specialists and service technicians in After Sales Support.

Extensive training in the safe operation of the equipment is vital to selecting the right equipment asset for the job. Application criteria and equipment maintenance through the asset’s lifecycle are key factors in choosing the correct product for the application. Böhringer trained application and service technicians to familiarize operators with applying and handling the equipment, ensuring customers receive maximum uptime from their assets.

Product Support begins at the point of purchase of your Böhringer equipment, with follow-through of the asset’s life cycle. Downtime means less revenue. All products are optimally designed by engineers, choosing quality components, recommending the use of only genuine Böhringer & CAT OEM parts to maximize the performance of your machine, all Böhringer tracked and mobile equipment come Cat CVA (Cat Value Agreement) ready, properly utilized this service tool will keep you up and running.

A Cat® Customer Value Agreement (CVA) is a hassle-free ownership plan with your convenience in mind. Genuine Cat® Parts are delivered when you need them, right to your door, with instructions for hassle-free maintenance. You get the security of an Equipment Protection Plan (EPP) and expert support against unexpected repair costs. You have peace of mind by controlling machine health right through your phone. And it all can be included in your monthly machine payment. It’s one easy plan to leverage Cat value — beyond the machine — to maximize your investment and lower ownership costs. You run more than equipment – you run an entire operation. That means bigger priorities than tracking down scattered maintenance bills. It’s one more way a CVA keeps your Böhringer equipment easy to own and ready to work.

CVA can increase your engine’s working life at least up to 2x longer with CAT fluids available in a CVA. Think of an engine rebuild at 8,000 hours — compared to rebuilding at 16,000 hours. When you look at it that way, Cat fluids in a CVA is almost like having an extra engine.

Excessive noise and dust emissions result in damage to health in the long term. To protect not only employees on building sites, but also human and animal life in the surrounding area, Böhringer continuously develops new innovations for reducing and efficiently containing noise and dust emissions. The new Cat C13D is The combination of the all-new rear gear train, stiffer core architecture, and common rail fuel system that reduces noise by up to 3 dB when compared with the C13D’s predecessors.

The Cat C13D engine platform enables the use of 100 per cent Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO), B100 distilled biodiesel, and even up to B100 standard biodiesel. Its core architecture is designed to accommodate the future development of natural gas and hydrogen fuel capabilities.

The C13D will meet Tier 4 Final, Stage V, China Non-road IV, Korea Stage V, and Japan 2014 emission standards. By modularizing and eliminating components, its architecture is space-protected to accommodate configuration adjustments anticipated for future tiers of emission standards in the United States and Europe without relocating customer connection points.

All machines, including aggregate crushing equipment, require in-depth maintenance at some point in their lifecycle. The support and service offered in response is what makes Böhringer a trusted partner – from commissioning to operation. The renowned Böhringer Andreas series heavy-duty Impact crushers, Single toggle Jaw’s, Cone crushers, sizers and heavy-duty screens have been proven in most all applications familiar to the comminution industry Globally imitated by many never surpassed with individual units having produced more than 50mm tons of processed material before a major rebuild, due to their durability and efficient life cycle maintenance programs.