The World of Concrete 2024 event takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, and remains one of the most incredible events for networking, connecting, and evolving in the concrete industry. The event allowed industry professionals to unite, share their knowledge, and secure. The World of Concrete 2024 brought together over 60,000 attendees and 1,500 exhibitors worldwide. The event was a resounding success that will be remembered for years. In this blog post, we will relay the importance of World of Concrete 2024 to Bohringer and what there is to look forward to this January. 

Innovative technologies and solutions: 

World of Concrete 2024 showcases the latest technologies and solutions in the industry. Attendees had the opportunity to learn about new equipment, products, and innovations shaping the concrete industry’s future. Exhibitors showcased various products and solutions, from laser-guided screeds to self-levelling systems, new concrete formulations, and much more. Attendees had the chance to discuss their needs with experts in the field and explore solutions that could revolutionize the industry. 

Education and training opportunities: 

In addition to the exhibition, World of Concrete 2024 offered a range of educational sessions and training programs. These sessions provided valuable insight for professionals looking to deepen their knowledge and expertise. The sessions covered various topics, from sustainable concrete to emerging technologies and innovations. Attendees could also participate in hands-on training and interactive workshops, allowing them to learn new skills and techniques. 

Networking and collaboration opportunities: 

World of Concrete 2024 was an excellent opportunity for concrete professionals to connect and network with peers worldwide. Attendees could participate in special events like the Women in Concrete Luncheon, the Emerging Leaders Forum and other community-building events. These events facilitated networking and collaboration, bringing together a diverse group of professionals from different backgrounds and areas of expertise. 

Celebration and recognition: 

The 50th anniversary of World of Concrete is a special occasion that called for a celebration. The event included special programs and events to mark the occasion, including a keynote address by industry leaders and experts. Several professionals were also recognized for their contributions to the industry and presented with excellence awards. These awards celebrated excellence in innovation, leadership, sustainability, and more, highlighting the inspiring work being done in the industry. 

Future opportunities: 

The World of Concrete 2024 was a success that set the stage for future opportunities and growth in the industry. The event provided a platform for professionals to connect, collaborate, and learn from each other. The innovative technologies and solutions showcased at the event gave attendees a glimpse into the industry’s future, with new and exciting developments on the horizon. The event also provided opportunities for young professionals to develop their careers and take on leadership roles in the industry, ensuring a bright future for the concrete industry. 

The World of Concrete 2024 set the stage for innovative technologies and solutions showcased at the event, as well as for future growth and development in the industry. The educational sessions and training programs offer valuable insight for professionals looking to deepen their knowledge and skillset while networking and community-building events provide opportunities to connect with peers worldwide. Our team at Bohringer looks forward to attending such a prestigious event at the end of the month. It’s an honour to celebrate the contributions of professionals in the industry. 

We look forward to returning with a wealth of knowledge to deepen our commitment to excellence for our clients.